GB – FetchTV distribue Fitness TV

IP Vision today announced that leading health and fitness channel Fitness TV is the latest addition to its FetchTV™ platform, the UK’s first commercial hybrid OTT/IPTV service for consumers.  Fitness TV is available immediately to FetchTV viewers for just £1.99 per month as well as via pay-per-view on demand.
Fitness TV is the UK’s first dedicated health and fitness TV channel and features an ever-changing timetable of workouts from some of the UK’s top fitness instructors, as well as general programmes offering health and nutrition tips. It offers a wide array of content for people across the spectrum in terms of ability, from exercise ideas for people with limited mobility to compelling documentaries profiling elite athletes who share their life stories and training regimes.
Tim Morrison, Chairman of TV Worx, the broadcasting group that acquired Fitness TV in August 2010, commented: “We are eager to offer our programming to the widest possible audience and our agreement with FetchTV is an important part of fulfilling that ambition. FetchTV is a real trailblazer in the UK digital TV scene, with a fast-growing audience base, and we are excited to be working with such an innovative and dynamic player.”
Steve Middleton, Director of Content and Programming, IP Vision, commented: “Our ongoing strategy is to strike agreements with leading content owners in order to provide FetchTV viewers with the best possible range of engaging content across a broad range of content genres.”
He continued: “Fitness TV is the leading player in the UK fitness programming sector, and we are confident that its hugely diverse content mix will appeal to a wide audience, offering something for everyone.”
IP Vision is the company behind the groundbreaking FetchTV platform. The agreement with Fitness TV is the latest in a series of deals that IP Vision has struck with leading rights owners, broadcasters and distribution partners to create a highly compelling hybrid service that delivers a broadcast-meets-web, on-demand entertainment experience that is available today to consumers in the UK.
The FetchTV platform provides UK consumers with a wealth of on-demand and linear content as well as access to BBC iPlayer and Sky Player via a standard broadband connection, on Freeview+ and Freeview+HD full-function personal video recorders.  The SmartBox 8320HD PVR is available from selected Tesco stores and online at

CES 2011 / IPVISION – 5 objectifs Over The Top

1. The Backwards EPG
2011 will see the start of a shift in time-shift TV: no longer solely reliant on the hard drive for those missed programs, viewers will get their first taste of the backwards EPG and all the delights that integrated catch-up TV has to offer. Catch-up content is already having a significant impact on viewing habits and I can only see this increasing during 2011.

2. Back after a message from our sponsors
In 2011, uncertainty over the role of advertisers in the OTT space will continue. With the subscription restriction still in place around the pay-TV model there could be a significant role for brands in the world of truly targeted advertising but an understanding of what that means is still a little way off.

3. Getting Physical
With the promised move to digital video really gathering pace in 2011, it will be a year in which physical formats go head to head with the digital offerings. Are people ready for invisible ownership or are we going to have to find some middle ground as the early adopters dry up and the refuseniks dig in their heels? From a technology standpoint, the multiple device/multiple format conundrum will continue, but I think some respite is on the way.

4. Freedom to choose or confuse
OTT is going to be a busy sector in 2011, with a lot of different companies competing for the space under the TV set. Who will win out is still up for grabs, but will it enhance or damage consumer confidence in the meantime? Watch this space…..

5. Search and you shall find
The world of recommendations will change significantly in the coming year, with the need to direct the customer quickly to the right content at the right time. The choice of on-demand content will continue to grow exponentially, but getting the right editorial recommendations engine in place will be a prerequisite for the effective monetisation of this content.

David Bloom co-founded IP Vision in March 2008. He played a key role in raising start-up investment for the launch of the UK’s first ‘over the top’ IPTV service. As Commercial Director, Bloom is responsible for overseeing IP Vision’s commercial matters, including strategic agreements, as well as business development. 
Major achievements at IP Vision include securing content and distribution agreements with major distributors and content owners including BSkyB, Betfair and Tesco
Of particular interest to Bloom are: cutting-edge new media innovation; improving the TV experience for consumers; and driving disruptive change.

OTTtv World Summit – IP VISION UK Sponsor Gold !

Eddie Abrams, Chief Execitive Officer, de la société IP Vision UK en Grande Bretagne filiale à 26% de la société Netgem est le sponsor Gold de l’évènement qui met en scène le Over The Top dont nous sommes les spécialistes !
IP Vision UK sera présente lors de la conférence OTT tv World Summit qui se déroulera du 7 au 8 décembre 2010 à Londres au sein de l’Hotel Paddington Hilton.

IP VISION présente sa stratégie pour 2011

FetchTV will start appearing on more connected TV devices next year, other than its own set-top boxes. Televisions and games consoles are high priorities for the company.

The platform might go onto the YouView connected TV platform as a content/service provider.

The connected nature of the FetchTV Freeview HD DVR receivers is an important factor in convincing consumers to upgrade from SD ‘zapper’ boxes, with the connected services helping to justify the extra cost.   Lire le document

Révolution Mass Market – Tesco dévoile sa stratégie Technika Smartbox HD – Tesco a dévoilé au grand jour l’envergure de sa stratégie pour conquérir le marché de la télévision connecté au Royaume-Uni.

Ce sont très exactement plus de 400 magasins physiques TESCO en Grande-Bretagne ainsi que le site en ligne qui commercialisent l’offre Technika Smartbox HD 8320 by IP Vision / Netgem grâce à l’appui d’un personnel spécifiquement bien formé au produit, ses services et son caractère évolutif. Technika est la filiale spécialisée dans les produits électronique chez Tesco.

Tesco a en effet présenté sa première campagne de l’un de ses services interactifs qui est active depuis ce weekend sur les téléviseurs anglais équipés d’une Smartbox HD (Netbox HD 8320 conçue par la société Française Netgem et distribuée au travers sa filiale anglaise codétenue à hauteur de 26% du capital).

Pour faire simple, Tesco et Netgem ainsi qu’IP Vision mettent ensemble les petits plats dans les grands. Le Royaume-Uni a 10 ans d’avance dans les services interactifs par le téléviseur quand la France ou le reste de l’Europe sont restés très frileux et ont préféré faire l’autruche en espérant trouver des truffes dans le sable !

Et oui, c’est avec Netgem UK que Tesco a débuté dans les années 2000-2001 ses premiers essais de la télévision interactive, une TV qui proposait un portail dédié au shopping en ligne directement accessible depuis une télécommande.

Précurseur en 2001, le modèle s’affirme dès juillet 2010 !

Une décennie pour analyser, constater, et faire évoluer le modèle d’affaires.
Dès cette année, Tesco rebondit et relance avec enthousiasme et maitrise, une offre qui va faire grand bruit. L’arrivée de la Technika Smartbox HD s’est faite remarquée dans son pays depuis cet été.

Le succès sera incontestablement positif dans un marché qui balbutiait et se convertit désormais au tout numérique. La montée en puissance des ventes de l’offre Tesco Technika Smartbox HD est désormais une réalité qui doit s’affirmer.

Rappel : Tesco
Rappel : Tesco Technika Smartbox HD FetchTV

Racing TV choisi IP Vison UK pour diffuser en IPTV

Racing UK Channel launches on FetchTV
Communiqué de presse IP VISION

Racing UK TV will be available via IPTV from next week following a deal between the leading horseracing channel and internet broadcast company Vision IPTV.
Race fans can now receive the channel by purchasing a Freeview and internet SmartBox from FetchTV through a heavily-discounted one-off payment.
As a special joining offer, any residential customer wishing to subscribe to Racing UK on FetchTV will only pay £50 for the FetchTV SmartBox 8000, which normally retails at £179.99, while commercial customers (pubs and clubs) will receive a commercial version of the SmartBox for free when bought via FetchTV
Nick Mills, Commercial Director at Racing UK, said:
“This new deal means horse racing fans can see Racing UK’s coverage without subscribing to satellite or cable services. “We have had many Freeview customers without Sky and cable contact us about the prospect of showing Racing UK and the IPTV is a solution. In addition publicans and landlords hoping to attract racing customers have an alternative to attracting customers without installing expensive satellite equipment.”
Matt Vidmar, chairman of Vision IPTV commented:
“This solves a problem for many cost conscious racing fans but it also provides a neat, cost effective way for satellite and cable TV channels to offer a Freeview based channel without the large investment in terrestrial distribution. Racing UK will appear in the onscreen EPG alongside digital terrestrial channels giving viewers a seamless experience. This is an excellent way of transitioning viewers to an IPTV delivered future.”
Eddie Abrams, CEO of IP Vision who own and operate FetchTV said: “We are delighted to make Racing UK available on the FetchTV SmartBox. This is the first time that an individual premium sports channel has been made available using over the top internet delivery to a Freeview box. To have such a high quality and popular service on the platform, demonstrates the flexibility of this new form of television, and is a sign of things to come. Viewers will have increasing choice, but without the need to take subscriptions to channels they don’t want.”
The FetchTV SmartBox combines Freeview+ digital television with a fully-featured Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and the best in on-demand and online entertainment including access to BBC iPlayer and other exciting on-demand services. It’s also one of the most competitively priced set top boxes on the market.
Customers can order the service at: (residential subscribers) (commercial subscribers)
The box works on a plug and play basis but does require a broadband connection of 2mb or more.

TalkTalk TV, la box sera gratuite avec Canvas = YouView

!!! Rappel 2/07/10 – Pour faire suite au feu vert de BBC Trust au sujet du Projet Canvas, l’un des partenaires du projet (BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Five, BT, TalkTalk and Arqiva) Talk Talk vient d’annoncer par la voix de son directeur général, Max Alexander, qu’il proposera Talk Talk TV et offrira un terminal numérique compatible permettant d’accéder à toute l’offre de catch-up tv BBC iPlayer ainsi qu’à l’offre de vidéo à la demande dont le nom commerciale est désormais YouView !

Talk Talk décide donc de lancer les hostilités sur le marché de la télévision numérique alliant la TNT, TNT HD et les services par haut débit !
2 possibilités d’obtenir la Set-top-box
Soit à l’achat – Les consommateurs doivent se procurer un terminal numérique compatible avec YouView dont le prix tourne au alentour de 200£.
Soit par abonnement – TalkTalk offrira le terminal lors de la souscription à l’un de ces packages haut débit.

« If you were to buy a Project Canvas-enabled set-top box outside of any bundled broadband and TV deal it’s estimated to cost you around £200. However, if signing up to certain broadband bundles from TalkTalk this device will be included with the package. » source

Le dirigeant de TalkTalk recommande aux consommateurs de ne pas acquérir une box qui ne maitrise pas la gestion progressive du streaming ! (Excellent pour la Smartbox FetchTV / Netbox 8000 Netgem qui la maitrise parfaitement) source

Rappel 1 – 27/04/2010 TalkTalk TV (Carphone Warehouse), lancement en préparation
Rappel 2 – 9/11/2009 Carphone Warehouse – FetchTV Smartbox mise en ligne
Rappel 3 – 24/04/2009 Discussions avec Tesco, HMV, Carphone, Vodafone

OFCOM / Canvas – IP VISION répond !

Communiqué de presse de la société IP Vision 
en réaction à la décision de l’OFCOM de valider dans l’état le projet Canvas avec les conséquences que ça entraine sur le marché !

IP Vision regrette que l’Ofcom ne porte pas une analyse approfondie sur le fait que YouView/Canvas pourrait avoir une position dominante sur le marché et être totalement contraire au droit Européen pour s’ouvrir à la concurrence et promouvoir l’innovation.
Par contre, IP Vision se satisfait que l’OFCOM reconnaisse que YouView peut restreindre la concurrence. Aussi, la société IP Vision appelle expressément à haute autorité de contrôle du groupe de télévision public BBC Trust afin qu’elle fournisse aux plus vite, sur le respect de ces engagements et avant la mise sur le marché de l’offre YouView,  tous les éléments techniques nécessaires aux acteurs du numérique pour qu’ils puissent distribuer le service !

IP Vision Disappointed by OFCOM’s YouView Decision, Urges the BBC Trust to Exhibit Transparency and Fair Play 

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

IP Vision, the leading provider in the UK’s nascent hybrid DTT/IPTV over-the-top (OTT) TV sector, is disappointed in today’s decision by Ofcom not to launch an investigation into whether the rollout of the YouView platform would stifle competition in the UK digital TV market. However, IP Vision welcomes Ofcom’s acknowledgment of the harm that can result from restrictions in competition.
IP Vision acknowledges that at this early stage in the development of YouView, it is difficult to make risk assessments and understands that Ofcom’s decision is not based on the merits of the complaints. Consequently, IP Vision urges the BBC Trust to honour its earlier commitments and to ensure that detailed YouView technical specifications are published well in advance of YouView’s launch so as to meet the requirements of both YouView development partners and competitors.
It is clear from its assessment of the complaint against YouView that Ofcom shares and reiterates our particular concerns, namely the questions of content syndication and fair access to YouView’s technical specifications.  Our view remains that YouView’s current commitments in both areas fall well short of the commitments made by the BBC Trust when YouView was first proposed. In light of Ofcom’s findings in relation to these two points,  IP Vision will be writing to the Trust calling on the public broadcaster to honour its commitments, and to adhere to the principles of fair competition described in Ofcom’s assessment.
IP Vision furthermore commends the regulator for its explicit commitment to increased communication with YouView’s backers and competitors, and to intensified ongoing scrutiny of the project, with particular emphasis on content syndication and the release of detailed technical standards. 

On August 18, IP Vision formally complained to Ofcom, asking the regulator to examine whether the Project Canvas joint venture, which has since been branded as YouView, is in breach of the Competition Act 1998, and whether it would curb industry innovation, inhibit competition and ultimately restrict consumer choice. The UK-based OTT innovator, which has been recognised by the BBC Trust as the “Only provider of a complete end-to-end solution,” already offers a successful, YouView-like service in the UK with its advanced FetchTVTM platform.

Eddie Abrams, IP Vision’s CEO, said today: Healthy competition is what benefits consumers and what inspires and motivates the development of cutting edge new technologies and services that make the TV experience more compelling for everyone.
We applaud Ofcom for recognising that there is a potential impediment to free market competition, and even potential for consumer harm, should YouView’s technical standards not be made available in a timely, fair and transparent manner to other players in the market.  We therefore call on the BBC Trust to ensure technical specifications are published in a fair way and in sufficient detail for third parties to implement both for use in concert with the YouView trademark and also for competing digital TV implementations.
We call on the BBC Trust to confirm through its consultation process that, as mandated by its original Public Value Test, BBC’s on-demand content will be syndicated widely (and independently of iPlayer). We also ask other public service broadcasters in the UK to honour their commitment to make their content available to platforms other than YouView on terms not worse than those offered to the YouView venture. »
Abrams concluded: As instructed, we will ensure that we keep Ofcom apprised of competitive developments on an ongoing basis, and we look forward to closer ongoing dialogue with the regulator. We maintain that if YouView were to roll out as currently intended, market competition would be thwarted and the industry’s motivation and drive to innovate, to create new services and to improve the TV user experience would be inhibited.

Canvas – Sky porte plainte avec IP Vision, Virgin Média, Six TV, UFLT et OSC

Et de 6 !

Ce sont exactement 6 grands acteurs des médias et du numériques qui viennent de déposer officiellement plainte auprès de l’OFCOM au sujet du projet Canvas / YouView soutenu par la BBC, ITV, Arqiva, BT, Talk Talk, Channel Five et Channel 4.

L’opérateur de télévision payante Sky rejoint la société IP Vision, Virgin Média, Six TV, United For Local Television et l’Open Source Consortium ‘pour protester contre cette nouvelle plateforme qui empêchera inévitablement toute concurrence sur le marché des services VoD‘. En portant plainte, à la dernière minute, cela retarde de facto la rédaction du rapport qui doit être présenter par l’OFCOM pour faire des recommandations lié à l’évolution du projet Canvas.

Rappel 12/09/10 : OSC porte plainte contre Canvas, et de 4 !
Rappel : 18/08/10 : IP Vision : Canvas est néfaste pour les consommateurs !
Rappel 4/02/10 :  Canvas se l’a joue solo selon DTG ! Go FetchTV

NETGEM – Expérience dans le satellite prévue

Yann Courqueux, responsable marketing de la société Netgem a indiqué lors d’une interview réalisée le 5 août 2010, que la société ferait des annonces dont l’une porterait sur un modèle hybride associant la télévision par satellite.

Will Netgem Revive the Hybrid TV Model? … « Courqueux says his company will continue to talk to potential North American customers before making a decision about entry here, adding that other major customer announcements are expected in September, at least one of which will involve a hybrid model that incorporates satellite television. » Source

Mon avis :  Je pense que nous abordons ENFIN les derniers virages …
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IBC 2010 – IP Vision prend ses marques

Phil Walder, président de la société IP Vision, filiale de la société Netgem, en Grande-Bretagne sera présent au salon IBC à Amsterdam du 9 au 14 septembre. Il participera à une conférence concernant l’impact du guide des programmes (EPG) et son influence véritable dans les choix de programmes effectués par les téléspectateurs. Notamment l’exploitation de la technologie de la société TV Genius sur la plateforme IP Vision. Source
« TV Genius will present further outcomes from the research at an IBC Business Briefing. The session will examine the findings in detail and will look at content discovery from a number of industry perspectives, with further presentations from UK-based platform owner IPVision and from publishing group IPC Media. The briefing takes places on Saturday September 11th 2010 at 16.30 in the Connected World Hub in Hall 9 » Source

HbbTV dégaine le premier mi-2010 !

Rappel du 22 mai 2010 – Concurrent direct du projet Canvas, le consortium HbbTV annonce le lancement d’une nouvelle offre commerciale dès la fin de l’été !
La différence entre ces deux plateformes est simple, Canvas s’enferme dans son monde lorsque l’HbbTV s’ouvre à tout le monde.

Derrière le consortium HbbTV, nous trouvons la société ANT Software qui attire mon attention depuis plus d’un an maintenant puisqu’IP Vision – Fetch TV y est étroitement lié depuis le 18 décembre 2009.

Rappel : IP Vision’s FetchTV Platform to be made available on third party devices

IP Vision : Canvas est néfaste pour les consommateurs !

18 août 2010 – Le fournisseur de télévision OTT (over the top) IP Vision a formellement porté plainte auprès de l’Ofcom, en invitant le régulateur à examiner l’impact du projet Canvas dans le domaine de l’innovation, de la concurrence et des consommateurs. IP Vision vient donc apporter son soutien à Virgin Média !
IP Vision a un intérêt dans le développement du projet Canvas, étant donné qu’elle a déjà un produit « Canvas Like » OTT sur le marché anglais, un terminal numérique hybride combinant des services de TNT avec BBC iPlayer, Sky Player et sa propre offre de VOD en propriété industrielle.

La compagnie a déjà contesté la BBC le support du service (BBC) iPlayer – IP Vision’s Fetch TV smartbox propose actuellement en ‘Une’ le service de rattrapage de la BBC.

« Si le projet Canvas se déroule comme prévu, la concurrence sur le marché, le choix du consommateur et la technologie et l’innovation commerciale seront barrés impossible. Le consommateur finira par payer vers le haut le prix d’un marché non compétitif sous forme de contenu restreint, le choix de service et de technologie, » a indiqué le Président Eddie Abrams de IP Vision. « En tant que chef dans ce secteur naissant au R-U, nous sommes tous en faveur de la concurrence saine qui bénéficie à l’industrie et aux consommateurs. Cependant, ce groupe d’industrie Goliaths, soutenu en partie par des fonds de droit de licence de BBC, aura la puissance de dominer le secteur – quoique soit l’offre de Canvas, elle ne sera pas supérieure aux solutions déjà présente sur le marché.»

IP Vision conteste la validité du projet Canvas, conduit par la BBC avec le support des associés comprenant ITV, BT, Talk Talk et Arqiva, sous l’acte de la loi de 1998 de concurrence.
Dans une soumission à l’attention de BBC Trust, IP Vision a contesté l’expansion du projet Canvas, au delà de son objectif initial. SourceSource 2