Australie – 190 000 clients Telstra T-box (Netgem)

Telstra, opérateur telecom australien, l’opérateur historique leader sur le marché, publie ses comptes au premier semestre 2011 :
Telstra’s initiatives to attract new customers have also exceeded expectations with:
  • 1.66 million new domestic mobile customers, including 645,000 new postpaid handheld and 914,000  new mobile broadband customers
  • 352,000 new mobile customers in Hong Kong
  • 158,000 new fixed broadband customers
  • 190,000 new T-Box® and 175 thousand T-Hub® services
  • 659,000 new customers on bundled multi-product plans, with the total bundled base now more than one million.
  • 25% des nouveaux clients optent pour T-box, un ratio similaire au lancement de Neuf TV en France. c’est très encourageant !!!
A fin mars 2011, Telstra T-box avait atteint un niveau de 175 000 T-box installées.
Le Président de Telstra, Mr Thodey, déclare : “We have had one of our best ever years for customer growth, seen improvements in customer satisfaction and have already begun realising the financial benefits of our simplification programme.  Additionally, we have developed growth opportunities by making significant investments in cloud computing, implementing a digital strategy at Sensis, offering FOXTEL content across our T-Box® services and restructuring the Asian Reach network assets,”.