Topfield intègre le HbbTV, la norme européenne

Topfield has joined the Hbb TV Consortium, the pan-European initiative aimed at promoting the Hybrid Boradcasing Broadband TV (Hbb TV) standard.
The Hbb TV is a new industry standard providing technologies to « harmonise the broadcast and broadband delivery of entertainment to the home user through connected TVs and set-top boxes. » The end consumer of this standard can access both broadcast digital content and Internet multimedia content more conveniently on a TV set using a single remote/box and a single on-screen interface. 
A large group of digital broadcasting and Internet industry companies are supporting the Hbb TV Consortium to establish the Hbb TV as a global stadard. Topfield is also participating in the support group to foster the market introduction and development of the hybrid entertainment services to the users through our set-top boxes.