Asie Pacifique – Samsung dévoile SmartTV Telstra Bigpond TV

Samsung dévoile sa Smart TV, une solution qui repose sur une stratégie sans box. Samsung Smart TV repose sur une plateforme permettant à tout client acquérant un écran connecté de dernière génération (auprès de son opérateur télécom ou en magasin) de pouvoir accéder à des services IPTV en temps réel, à divers contenus et à des Apps (applications).

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« IPTV is a real-time content into the Samsung Smart TV … » Communiqué officiel Samsung 25/01/11

Samsung Smart TV is the world’s first IPTV channels to provide content in real time, without set-top boxes. Samsung Electronics Australia’s largest telecommunications carrier, Telstra (Telstra)’s IPTV service ‘Bigpond TV’ real-time channel content through the TV you can enjoy the Samsung smart, he said.

Internet protocol television (Internet Protocol Television), IPTV means using high-speed internet services offered by interactive television viewers want to see her at a convenient time to pick the program benefits can be seen, but it’s a separate set-top boxes the inconvenience of the need to purchase or lease has been pointed out as the biggest drawback.

The Samsung Telstra (Telstra) in collaboration with IPTV-based smart TV aepeurikeyisyeoneul as showcasing new Australian users of the Samsung Smart TV or Blu-ray player without a separate set-top box ‘BigPond TV’ sports has to offer , news, music and other various content services would be able to enjoy real-time.

IPTV providers in the position without a set-top boxes to consumers because of IPTV set-top boxes to provide content for the investment, inventory, and can escape from the burden of recovery, IPTV up to attract customers to dramatically reduce marketing costs are expected to be can.

Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics recently NHN, then, SK Com’s largest Internet providers, such as coalition building and smart TV content, and future projects worldwide IPTV service providers to strengthen cooperation with Smart TV content, more competitive, which seeks to expand strategy.

In particular, carriers that provide tangible and free real-time IPTV applications continue to expand our position as the world leader in smart TV is going to maintain.

Telstra (Telstra) represent four IPTV kinilri Ben (Ben Kinealy) a « real-time IPTV services over the Internet, set-top box can be used without Samsung Smart TV service launched by the world’s first, » said, « BigPond TV viewers in the middle of a growing number of The more customers through a partnership with Samsung, they will be able to enjoy our content, « he said.

« Especially with the most competitive in real-time channels of news, sports, music video channels for the high popularity is growing rapidly viewers up BigPond Broadband customers unlimited access to BigPond TV the most, » he said.

AV Group, Samsung Electronics Australia’s corporate manager manolriseu Evan (Evan Manolis) « This provides IPTV service operators and consumers and manufacturers all win – to win new business model, » said, « Samsung Electronics, the world characteristics of each region Excavation for the smart TV focused on the content unique to Samsung customers to provide a smart TV experience, « he said.