CES 2011 / IPVISION – 5 objectifs Over The Top

1. The Backwards EPG
2011 will see the start of a shift in time-shift TV: no longer solely reliant on the hard drive for those missed programs, viewers will get their first taste of the backwards EPG and all the delights that integrated catch-up TV has to offer. Catch-up content is already having a significant impact on viewing habits and I can only see this increasing during 2011.

2. Back after a message from our sponsors
In 2011, uncertainty over the role of advertisers in the OTT space will continue. With the subscription restriction still in place around the pay-TV model there could be a significant role for brands in the world of truly targeted advertising but an understanding of what that means is still a little way off.

3. Getting Physical
With the promised move to digital video really gathering pace in 2011, it will be a year in which physical formats go head to head with the digital offerings. Are people ready for invisible ownership or are we going to have to find some middle ground as the early adopters dry up and the refuseniks dig in their heels? From a technology standpoint, the multiple device/multiple format conundrum will continue, but I think some respite is on the way.

4. Freedom to choose or confuse
OTT is going to be a busy sector in 2011, with a lot of different companies competing for the space under the TV set. Who will win out is still up for grabs, but will it enhance or damage consumer confidence in the meantime? Watch this space…..

5. Search and you shall find
The world of recommendations will change significantly in the coming year, with the need to direct the customer quickly to the right content at the right time. The choice of on-demand content will continue to grow exponentially, but getting the right editorial recommendations engine in place will be a prerequisite for the effective monetisation of this content.

David Bloom co-founded IP Vision in March 2008. He played a key role in raising start-up investment for the launch of the UK’s first ‘over the top’ IPTV service. As Commercial Director, Bloom is responsible for overseeing IP Vision’s commercial matters, including strategic agreements, as well as business development. 
Major achievements at IP Vision include securing content and distribution agreements with major distributors and content owners including BSkyB, Betfair and Tesco
Of particular interest to Bloom are: cutting-edge new media innovation; improving the TV experience for consumers; and driving disruptive change.