OFCOM / Canvas – IP VISION répond !

Communiqué de presse de la société IP Vision 
en réaction à la décision de l’OFCOM de valider dans l’état le projet Canvas avec les conséquences que ça entraine sur le marché !

IP Vision regrette que l’Ofcom ne porte pas une analyse approfondie sur le fait que YouView/Canvas pourrait avoir une position dominante sur le marché et être totalement contraire au droit Européen pour s’ouvrir à la concurrence et promouvoir l’innovation.
Par contre, IP Vision se satisfait que l’OFCOM reconnaisse que YouView peut restreindre la concurrence. Aussi, la société IP Vision appelle expressément à haute autorité de contrôle du groupe de télévision public BBC Trust afin qu’elle fournisse aux plus vite, sur le respect de ces engagements et avant la mise sur le marché de l’offre YouView,  tous les éléments techniques nécessaires aux acteurs du numérique pour qu’ils puissent distribuer le service !

IP Vision Disappointed by OFCOM’s YouView Decision, Urges the BBC Trust to Exhibit Transparency and Fair Play 

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

IP Vision, the leading provider in the UK’s nascent hybrid DTT/IPTV over-the-top (OTT) TV sector, is disappointed in today’s decision by Ofcom not to launch an investigation into whether the rollout of the YouView platform would stifle competition in the UK digital TV market. However, IP Vision welcomes Ofcom’s acknowledgment of the harm that can result from restrictions in competition.
IP Vision acknowledges that at this early stage in the development of YouView, it is difficult to make risk assessments and understands that Ofcom’s decision is not based on the merits of the complaints. Consequently, IP Vision urges the BBC Trust to honour its earlier commitments and to ensure that detailed YouView technical specifications are published well in advance of YouView’s launch so as to meet the requirements of both YouView development partners and competitors.
It is clear from its assessment of the complaint against YouView that Ofcom shares and reiterates our particular concerns, namely the questions of content syndication and fair access to YouView’s technical specifications.  Our view remains that YouView’s current commitments in both areas fall well short of the commitments made by the BBC Trust when YouView was first proposed. In light of Ofcom’s findings in relation to these two points,  IP Vision will be writing to the Trust calling on the public broadcaster to honour its commitments, and to adhere to the principles of fair competition described in Ofcom’s assessment.
IP Vision furthermore commends the regulator for its explicit commitment to increased communication with YouView’s backers and competitors, and to intensified ongoing scrutiny of the project, with particular emphasis on content syndication and the release of detailed technical standards. 

On August 18, IP Vision formally complained to Ofcom, asking the regulator to examine whether the Project Canvas joint venture, which has since been branded as YouView, is in breach of the Competition Act 1998, and whether it would curb industry innovation, inhibit competition and ultimately restrict consumer choice. The UK-based OTT innovator, which has been recognised by the BBC Trust as the “Only provider of a complete end-to-end solution,” already offers a successful, YouView-like service in the UK with its advanced FetchTVTM platform.

Eddie Abrams, IP Vision’s CEO, said today: Healthy competition is what benefits consumers and what inspires and motivates the development of cutting edge new technologies and services that make the TV experience more compelling for everyone.
We applaud Ofcom for recognising that there is a potential impediment to free market competition, and even potential for consumer harm, should YouView’s technical standards not be made available in a timely, fair and transparent manner to other players in the market.  We therefore call on the BBC Trust to ensure technical specifications are published in a fair way and in sufficient detail for third parties to implement both for use in concert with the YouView trademark and also for competing digital TV implementations.
We call on the BBC Trust to confirm through its consultation process that, as mandated by its original Public Value Test, BBC’s on-demand content will be syndicated widely (and independently of iPlayer). We also ask other public service broadcasters in the UK to honour their commitment to make their content available to platforms other than YouView on terms not worse than those offered to the YouView venture. »
Abrams concluded: As instructed, we will ensure that we keep Ofcom apprised of competitive developments on an ongoing basis, and we look forward to closer ongoing dialogue with the regulator. We maintain that if YouView were to roll out as currently intended, market competition would be thwarted and the industry’s motivation and drive to innovate, to create new services and to improve the TV user experience would be inhibited.