La télévision va t’elle converger vers le protocole HTTP ?

Article à lire sur la convergence du modèle de la télévision liés aux protocoles de diffusion vidéo :

 » An example of the hybrid world we are entering comes from Netgem, which made two announcements at IBC 2010 that outline how rapidly adaptive streaming is taking root. First the company said its Netgem TV middleware will now support adaptive technologies to extend the reach of Pay TV operators, starting with support for Microsoft IIS Smooth Streaming (and Play Ready). Then it unveiled the Netgem N5000 Internet/TV adapter, which is aimed primarily at service providers as a way to help them counter the connected service offers of CE vendors and Google.

The N5000 hybrid device supports RTSP, Progressive download, Apple HTTP Streaming and Microsoft Smooth Streaming. The line between managed and unmanaged video, and between the classic private television network and the Internet, are clearly going to start blurring inside the service provider home and inside the networks.  « 

Netgem TV supporte donc 3 protocoles de diffusion ce qui en fait la meilleure solution numérique du marché !