Slovénie – Siol TV Netbox

Communiqué Slovénie Telekom – 29/09/10
Slovénie Telekom informe le marché et ses actionnaires que l’offre Siol TV démarre sur un succès en depuis 3 semaines.
La société indique que 2500 Siol Box (netbox HD N8000 by Netgem) ont été vendue durant les 3 premières semaines. La société s’est fixé comme objectif d’atteindre 10 000 abonnés d’ici la fin de l’année 2010. L’offre s’adresse à la Slovénie, la Macédoine et au Kosovo.

 » In sales and marketing, a field assigned to Management Board Member Marko Boštjančič, September was marked by the launch of the new SiOL BOX. The market response was extremely positive, and nearly 2,500 SiOL BOX units were sold in the first three weeks. The active approach towards users will continue in the fall, because the company aims to get 10,000 subscribers to this completely new SiOL TV experience by the end of the year. Recently, the company began offering business users the Single Business Network service, which combines fixed and mobile voice communications, as the group has been increasing its market and sales presence by including system integration and mobile solutions in its offer. «