Lancement de Sky Anytime+ au 2e semestre !

Rappel du 30 avril 2010 – Sky prévoit de lancer une nouvelle offre nommée Sky Anytime+ permettant d’accéder à des contenus vidéo en téléchargement progressif !

BSkyB (NYSE: BSY) will name its upcoming proper video-on-demand service Sky Anytime+ when it launches later this year.

Virgin Media (NSDQ: VMED) is already serving 68 million VOD views a month through its fibre optic cable service, and showing ads against some. But Sky, whose satellite network can’t deliver true on-demand programming, has been having to strike deals with third-party boxes to carry its Sky Player – Xbox, Windows Media Centre, FetchTV, Cell, 3View and Humax.

We have already reported that Sky intended to launch a true pull VOD service in 2010, using the unused Ethernet port in the back of its own HD boxes. CEO Jeremy Darroch confirmed the name “Sky Anytime+” in a call with analysts Thursday morning.

It will be a broad offering at launch with a large range of content across the range of content that we show,” CEO Jeremy Darroch said. “(It will feature) progressive download using the broadband return pathway and the hard disc in a combined way. All of the boxes are VOD-ready, so we’ll be able to roll it out to all of the box population.

The existing Sky Anytime pushes Sky’s own selection of shows to an unused half of customers’ PVR, for a pseudo VOD experience. Sky’s calling the update “a full broadband-enabled video-on-demand service”. source