Netgem déclare que l’Asie sera la première en TV hybrid

26/07/2010 – Les téléspectateurs de Singapour et de l’Asie du Sud-Est seront capable de regarder leurs services favoris Youtube, MySpace et d’autres services vidéos web en streaming directement sur l’écran de leur télévision avec la gamme de Netbox de télévision hybride de la société Netgem Technology annoncé le 21 juillet 2010.

Singapore : To be Asia’s first with hybrid TV

Viewers in Singapore and South East Asia will soon be able to watch their favourite You Tube, MySpace and other streaming web videos directly on their TV, with Netgem’s Netboxes hybrid television technology announced in Singapore on 21st July, 2010.

Netboxes enables a new TV viewing experience which seamlessly blends broadcast and broadband content including, for the first time, including You Tube videos and dedicated TV service, enabling operators to provide innovative and new connected home experiences, as Netgem’s award-winning middleware, NetgemTV and Netbox device collection, seamlessly combine broadcast and broadband delivered content and services into one, enabling video service providers to provide viewers with a seamless branded experience.

The NetgemTV middleware operates on open web technologies and comprises client/server middleware and a set of applications including a TV guide, a personal video recorder, video-on-demand and over-the-top services, such as You Tube and games.

Appealing to a wide range of operator needs, the Netgem set-top box collection ranges from an internet adaptor for Over-The-Top (OTT) TV delivered services, to a hybrid broadband and broadcast device and a powerful media centre. OTT TV is the direct delivery of streaming video directly to users’ Internet-connected devices.

Mr Christophe Aulnette, Managing Director, Netgem, saidOur Asia Pacific office based in Singapore was instrumental in securing a deal with one of Australia’s largest operators.

After a recent launch in Australia where our technology was adopted by Telstra Communications, we have now focused our attention on the South East Asia market, with Singapore our strategic base in this key growth region.

Netgem will focus on offering this cutting edge technology to Singapore operators to enhance the entertainment experience of their customers, before we roll out the technology in the region. Singapore and our Asia Pacific regional office here is a critical component in our overall global business strategy.

As operators work to understand how to best utilise the full potential of broadband services, the Netbox is a great illustration of how highly popular broadband Internet video services, such as You Tube™ and other internet applications can be optimised for TV viewing and delivered alongside high quality broadcast content within one, seamless and branded consumer experience,he added.

Already installed in over 3 million homes around the world, Netgem customers include: SFR in France, Telstra in Australia, Monaco Telecom, Elisa in Finland, Spec-Com for Algeria Telecom, Melita Telecom in Malta and FetchTV in the UK.

Netgem technology won the IPTV World Forum award in March 2010 in London, in the best Service Delivery Platform category. source