IP VISION – TESCO : contrat d’exclusivité de 6 mois !

On apprend que la société IP Vision, filiale de la société Netgem en Grande-Bretagne, commercialise une nouvelle offre Smartbox / Netbox série N8000 grâce à un contrat d’exclusivité de 6 mois signé avec le leader anglais de la grande distribution : TESCO !
Le produit est disponible en ligne et en magasin.

 » The manufacturer IP Vision sells a range of standard-definition Freeview recorders with its own FetchTV brand name, but it has given Tesco exclusive rights to sell this new Freeview HD model under its in-house ‘Technika’ label for six months. It’s got a supermarket price tag too, at just £200, and while it may not be much to look at, the SmartBox is a more than competent Freeview HD recorder. It has twin tuners, a 320GB hard disk, a single HDMI port, digital audio output and an Ethernet connector for internet connectivity. It does make a light humming noise when it’s running, but not so loud that it interferes with the sound from the TV.

As well as the competitive price, the SmartBox has a couple of other features that help it stand out from the crowd. It’s got online access to the BBC iPlayer, and is also the only Freeview box that also provides an optional subscription to the Sky Player. The subscription fees vary depending on the package you choose, but there’s no contract involved so you can just sign up for a month every now and then, which will be really handy for watching sports events and other programmes that are only available through Sky.  » source