BBC Trust donne un feu vert au projet Canvas !

Voilà un excellent été qui commence, un coup de booster aux affaires. Le projet Canvas vient de recevoir un avis positif de la part de BBC Trust. Le DTG (Digital TV Group) salue une sage décision prise la haute autorité (BBC Trust) qui supervise la BBC et le projet Canvas.

 » The DTG welcomes the Trust decision and is currently working with the Canvas partners and Virgin Media, Sky and DTG Members to develop the UK specification for Connected TV devices and services which will form the 7th edition of the DTG D-Book.

« Following today’s decision the DTG is pleased that the Project can now move forward and is excited to be working with the Canvas partners and our membership to make Connected TV a reality for UK consumers, » said Richard Lindsay Davies, Director General of the DTG.

The DTG and industry will build on 10 years of groundbreaking work in digital terrestrial television to take Connected TV products and services to the highest level of interoperability, always ensuring consumers receive the best experience possible, » he added.

The Trust will review the BBC’s involvement in Canvas against the conditions of its approval, twelve months after the Canvas launch. «  source