SeeSaw VoD devient le nom officiel de l’offre ARQIVA

Project Kangaroo racheté cet été par la société Arqiva change de nom commercial prend la marque SeeSaw VoD, une appellation très distinctive !

Arqiva, the transmission infrastructure outfit, is set to use the brand name SeeSaw for its forthcoming VOD service, which will use technology originally intended for the defunct Project Kangaroo.

In addition, Arqiva is appointing Richard Knight, Channel 4’s former strategy and distribution manager, as commercial manager for the VOD service.

Knight, who is currently working for Arqiva on a consultancy basis, left Channel 4 last December. He is set to take on the role of commercial manager for SeeSaw. It is expected Arqiva will retain that name, which formed part of the Project Kangaroo assets Arqiva acquired in July from ITV, BBC Worldwide and Channel 4.