Lancement de FlexTV – FetchTV en 2009 en Australie

Les offres FlexTV et FetchTV seront distribuées cette année (2009) en Australie.
Nous pouvons dès à présent suivre les liens suivants : FlexTV et FetchTV australie

A côté nous pouvons espérer que le bouquet leader Dish Network, operateur de télévision par internet et satellite, soit rendu accessible au travers du package FlexTV/FetchTV au travers d’acteurs de la distribution en Australie et au delà ?

Un article intéressant : Numbers & The New Dish Network Team

May 12, 2009

If I had to put my prediction cap on I would say that Dish might have one and possibly two more quarters reporting a subscriber loss. But from where I sit the future looks brighter for Dish Network.

Last week at Dish Network’s Team Summit event in Denver I was able to sit down and talk with most of Dish Networks executive team for from “off the record” meetings. Charlie Ergen was proud to introduce me his new executive team who he considered the future of Dish Network, and after meeting with them I could see why he was proud to introduce them as the future of the company.

I am a hard person to impress, but I walked away from the meetings feeling satisfied with what I heard from the new team. These guys really understand something is wrong and are working to grab the bull by the horns to fix the issues.

Charlie has handed the ball to his new team; it will be interesting to see how far they run with it. From what I saw and heard this team should be able to score quite a bit, but I they get to the Super Bowl is another question.

  • One of the best things dealers heard at Team Summit were two new programs, one called DHA TOO and the other one called FLEX TV.