BBC iPlayer et Canvas intégré à FetchTV


Extrait d’un article qui a retenu toute mon attention !

 » The Office of Communications (Ofcom), the independent regulator and competition authority for the communication industries in the United Kingdom, could eventually derail the BBC’s proposed new set-top box project, dubbed « iPlayer in hardware ». The regulator wrote to the BBC Trust outlining several concerns it had about the new project and their consequences for competition. « 

 » Project Canvas is a Linux-based box that attempts to update Freeview with PVR functionality, web access, IPTV and other features. It won’t be manufactured by the BBC, but the broadcaster wants to set a specification that other broadcasters can use. It’s also promised not to aggregate content for the box, or give preferential treatment to BBC content in the Canvas spec.

The BBC Trust has yet to determine whether to let the BBC proceed with the project. « There is a danger television viewers could ultimately be divided into two groups – those with internet connected functionality and those without, » the BBC’s Richard Halton told IPTV World Forum in February. « The BBC would like to ensure that, as before, there is a choice in TV between those who wish to take a subscription and those who don’t. »